Viva Aviva

In a world of serious fashion, Aviva Falk’s womenswear collection stands out with irreverent, witty pieces that stay true to the brand’s mantra: If you dress for a party, life will always be one.  Founded in 2012 after a stint at Diane von Furstenberg, Viva Aviva is a line that plays with dichotomies.  Each season blends elements of vintage inspiration with modern fit and appeal; masculine tailoring with feminine free form; maximalism with a minimalist edit.  Always a sense of F-U-N pervades: the colors are exuberant; the details oversized; the proportions dramatic.  A true reflection, she says, of what Aviva herself feels like wearing:  “In New York, so much of the real fashion culture is expressed by the stylish women you see walking down the street.  For that reason, volume and movement are really important to me: how the garment comes to life once it is on your body, how it flows behind you.  We do not make quiet clothes.”  Viva Aviva’s  irrepressible statement pieces are designed and produced from start to finish in New York City.

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